Calluses and Corns

What is a Callus?

A callus is a toughened, thick piece of skin caused by constant pressure, friction, or irritation. In podiatrics, this repeated contact is typically caused by an ill-fitting shoe or too much walking. Although typically not painful or harmful themselves, they can quickly develop from a harmless callus into a dangerous ulceration or infection.

How can I prevent Calluses?

Calluses can be easily prevented by avoiding shoes or behaviors that cause repeated rubbing or pressure on a particular piece of skin.

How are Calluses treated?

A callus, given that it has not yet formed into a more dangerous ulcer, can be treated simply with time and removal of the offending object. Occasionally, your Michigan podiatrist may choose to use a topical agent that breaks down the built-up skin tissue, or file it down using a pumice stone.

What is a Corn?

A corn is a callus that grows over thin or soft skin tissue, such as on the top knuckles of the toes. A corn gets its name from its kernel shaped growth – on the surface it is smooth and rounded, but underneath the skin it is usually pointed, eventually leading to painful irritation and ulceration.

How is a corn treated?

Corns are typically treated by direct removal. This immediately relieves the pressure and buil-up skin from the corn . However, unless whatever is causing the irritation is fixed, the corn can quickly regrow. Ask your Michigan podiatrist about treatment options, as well as tips on preventing future corn or callus growth.

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