Foot and Ankle Surgery

Dr. Young is a qualified surgeon for foot and ankle injuries, ranging from fractures and sprains to ulcers and deformities. He is experienced with both bone, joint, and skin surgeries relating to the feet or ankles, as well as new surgical techniques such as laser surgery and the A-O Fixation technique. From non-invasive surgeries like callus and corn removal to serious treatment for conditions like Peripheral Artery Disease (PAD), Dr. Young can help.

Dr. Young is also experienced with foot orthotics, the most common type of orthotics sought in the country, and can help you with your orthotic needs post surgery/injury.

Dr. Young is one of the most trusted and experienced podiatrists in Michigan for foot surgery. If you are ever need of any type of invasive or non-invasive surgery, please contact Dr. Young’s office for treatment or second-opinions.

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