Heel Issues & Disorders

The heels are the part of the foot that contacts the ground first while walking, and therefore suffers a great amount of wear, pressure, and stress. This makes injuries and disorders in the heel particularly debilitating and painful, and many of these issues stem from the stress that the heel bone and its surrounding tissues suffer from daily living. Heels can undergo unnatural stress due to injuries, high-impact physical activity (sprinting, leaping), and wearing low-quality or ill-fitting shoes. One common heel affliction is plantar fasciitis, and its related issues, heel spurs and bursitis.

Heel treatment typically includes rest, medication, compression, exercise, medical footwear, and wraps. Invasive surgery is usually not necessary for these issues, but a qualified podiatrist like Dr. Young can provide you with the proper advice, medication and equipment to ensure a full recovery of one of the most important parts of your foot. If you are a Metro-Detroit resident whose heel has been bothering you for an extended period of time, contact Dr. Young in the window below with your symptoms for a treatment recommendation.

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