Mortons Neuroma

What are Neuromas?

Neuromas, sometimes known as Morton’s neuroma, is a nervous issue when the outer coating of a nerve within your foot becomes thicker. This nerve thickening typically happens when two bones frequently rub together, and the area between the fourth and third toes is the most susceptible to neuromas, although the area between the third and second toes can also be afflicted. Other nerve-related issues, such as diabetes or alcoholism, can also cause neuroma-like symptoms.

What are the Symptoms of a Neuroma?

Pain and discomfort from neuromas typically happen over time and gradually worsen. You may experience cramping, numbness, burning, or tingling in the suspected area. These symptoms may worsen or appear after a sustained period of walking or standing, and many relate the sensation to standing on an electrical cord. Rubbing a foot with neuroma can temporarily relieve some symptoms, but speak to your podiatrist if you suspect you have a neuroma.

What causes Neuromas?

Neuromas are typically caused by repeated wear of ill-fitting shoes, or improper walking posture. Your podiatrist can give you tips on purchasing properly fitting shoes and walking habits to prevent neuromas from occuring. If you are a Michigan resident and suspect you have a neuroma, please contact Dr. Young immediately in the form below for treatment recommendations.

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